Who We Are

We are a Financial Education company using innovative ways befitted for our modern era.

Our programmes help kids develop good financial sense & literacy through our fun-filled & concept-rich activities.

What We Teach

Management of Money

In our cashless society, even adults are saddled with huge financial debts due to poor money management skills.

Learners will understand how to differentiate between needs and wants, and to grow their money by saving in a bank.

Concept of Investing

Even up till this date, investment scams and financial crisis have brought huge losses to many people.

Learners will learn to identify investment scams and learn to be more discerning in investing to find value.

Value of Money

Only a fraction of us know the history of money and how the value of money is derived.

Learners will understand the evolution of money over time and appreciate the value of money.

Building Prudence

Dealing with misers and spendthrifts is a huge challenge in our lives.

Learners will learn to seek a balance and be moulded into prudent people.



Father of Isaac

I'm really impressed with what Angus have done in this short period. Isaac has developed a habit to keep track of his allowance and spendings now. He is also more mindful when it comes to spending money.


Mother of Janelle

MoneySavvy Kids has made Janelle more interested in the shopping sessions when we go out, and she would even remind me to consider my purchases!

Mdm Tan

Mother of Benjamin

I'm proud that Benjamin has bought his first toy by himself instead of spending his leftover allowance on sweets and meaningless items. I love what Angus and his team have been doing. Keep it up!


Father of Samantha

I am happy I made the right choice in bringing my daughter to MoneySavvy Kids. She enjoyed the sessions and I am pleasantly surprised that she became more conscious of how she spend her money nowadays and always trying to save that every scrap of coins!